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Hi folks -

I saw via reddit Upstart the event-driven initscripts replacement that got mentioned a couple of weeks ago has a new page and some code seems to exist:

''What state is it in now?

The init daemon has been written and is able to manage jobs as described above, receiving events on the control socket to start and stop them. This has now been uploaded to the Ubuntu universe component in the upstart package for testing before it becomes the init daemon.

We welcome any experienced users who want to help test this; install the package and follow the instructions in /usr/share/doc/upstart/README.Debian to add a boot option that will use upstart instead of init. If your system boots and shut downs normally (other than a slightly more verbose boot without usplash running) then it is working correctly.

Other types of events will be added as required during development and testing. Currently only a basic client tool (initctl) has been written, compatibility tools such as shutdown will be written over the next week or two before it replaces our sysvinit package.''

(This page was currently updated yesterday)



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