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Re: FC6 and SUN Niagra


I was really happy to here about that ; I did not know it;

 I have one more question : did you tried using java on such machine
(t2000 with Aurora SPARC Linux)? I googled for java for linux under
sparc, and from what I gather I see
that this is a bit problemtaic. And as far as I understand and see
from SUN website,
SUN is not giving such a solution (java for linux under sparc; there
is of course
java for solaris unders sparc).


On 8/28/06, Dennis Gilmore <dennis ausil us> wrote:
On Monday 28 August 2006 07:23, Mark Ryden wrote:

> So my question is:
> does the FC6 testing 2 (which is based  on kernel-2.6.17 kernel)
> support Niagra?
> (I assume not, because in such a case this thing would get much publicity)
> Is there any intention to support Niagra when FC6 (final release) will
> be released ?
> Regards,
> MR
Hi Mark,

there is a testing version of Aurora SPARC Linux  that runs on niagara
machines.  I have it on my T1000.  It is based on FC3  and we are well
underway towards building the FC6 bits and hopefully things will be in place
for spot to get anaconda in shape for SPARC this week.

When it is released it will have Extras as well as core available.



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