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Re: [offtopic] Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
Hi guys,

I apologize ahead of time for the offtopic nature of this thread, and
if desired, I will cease any continuation. Threads over on
fedora-extras-list have brought my attention to the e-dissappearance
of one "Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams".

This guy has helped me out many times over of #fedora, and was always
online, despite me changing time zone twice - to the point where I
asked if he was a bot. He seemed to have also had a large load in
package maintaince. Fedora being partly about the community, I have to
ask: does anyone know what happened to this guy? His online presence
seems to have simply ceased as of May-2006. I searched Gmail for
emails from him, the last was in May. His blog
(http://www.ivazquez.net) seems also to have gone quiet as of May.

Just felt that the guy has helped me enough to at least care if he
suddenly died or something.

A grep of my IRC logs shows that he was in IRC at least until:

FreeNode (formerly OpenProjects.net)-#fedora-x.log:Apr 24 12:39:27 <-- ignacio (n=ivazquez fedora/ignacio) has left #fedora-x

FreeNode (formerly OpenProjects.net)-#fedora-devel.log:Jun 23 01:18:04 --> ignacio (n=ivazquez fedora/ignacio) has joined #fedora-devel

Jun 25 02:28:25 <--     ignacio (n=ivazquez fedora/ignacio) has left

FreeNode (formerly OpenProjects.net)-#fedora-triage.log:Jun 25 01:48:23 --> ignacio (n=ivazquez fedora/ignacio) has joined #fedora-triage

All dates are in 2006.

Haven't seen him anywhere since.  Googling for his name doesn't appear
to show anything more recent either.

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