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Re: possible yast porting? was: slashdot on fedora-marketing-list

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 17:09, Steve Barnhart wrote:
> Forwarded to the more "technical" list following discussion.
> > Ya I really am saddened that no other distros have taken advantage of
> > YaST being open source. Everyone keeps wasting resources and
> > rebuilding when YaST is a good alternative and includes an ncurses gui
> > too. I really like YaST and is probably the reason I keep having a
> > hard time deciding between Fedora and openSUSE and keeping both of
> > them on my HD. Porting YaST should be way simpler for Fedora as it is
> > already RPM based. So many modules are there that rebuilding something
> > else just seems like a waste of time.

Please god no...  YAST is one of the worst systems out there.  linuxconf is 
pretty close too.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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