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Re: possible yast porting? was: slashdot on fedora-marketing-list

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 17:25, Steve Barnhart wrote:
> Umm actually Novell seems to be doing pretty good including it in
> their server options and I would like your reasoning for demeaning it
> in such a way. Not that I do not realize it has problems of its own, I
> think too many people simply critisize it because well, it makes
> things easier. Personally I can personally compare it to the control
> panel and atleast with something like that I could do stuff much
> easier/quicker that way and if I was trying to help someone else
> (especially newer people to Linux) it would be easier to walk them
> through that/document stuff then have them cut/paste into config files
> and the like which is in different places usually for distributions
> anyway.Ubuntu seems to be building one and reinventing the wheel as
> usual, but I would like to see Fedora getting in with a control panel
> also and YaST seems like a prime candidate.

Every time I've tried to use it or had a customer try to use it, it seemed 
like "Oh that looks pretty, but how do I actually accomplish $foo?" struggle 
struggle struggle, try modifying config file by hand, watch yast overwrite 
it, watch yast get confused, watch system stop working in weird and whacky 
ways.  Watch yast make assumptions that just aren't true, etc, etc, etc...  I 
had many users send their systems back so that we could put Fedora/Red Hat on 
them because the SuSE crap wasn't doing it for them.  Perhaps yast has gotten 
amazingly better in the past year or so, I don't really suspect so.

I'll let others comment who've had to use it for any period of time.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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