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Re: Wishlist: remote install GUI

On 8/30/06, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath fedoraproject org> wrote:
On 8/30/06, Steven Pritchard <steve silug org> wrote:
> A thought came up on IRC earlier that I thought I should record
> somewhere:
>   http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/StevenPritchard/InstallConsole
> To summarize, back in the late 90s when I was an HP-UX admin, I
> thought that one of the nicer tools HP made was something called
> Ignite-UX.  It was a GUI that could be used to remotely start an
> install of HP-UX.  On several occasions, I used to it completely
> reinstall dozens of HP-UX workstations all at once.
> I think something similar for Fedora would be Really Cool, and I'm
> convinced it would be fairly easy to implement by someone who knew
> anaconda much, much better than I do.  :-)
> Steve
> --

VNC won't do?


is there a doc up on how to remtoe install via vnc? I would like to
give this a try on my test machine come FC6

To be updated...

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