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Re: "redhat" and "fedora" in package naming

On 8/30/06, Paul B Schroeder <pschroeder uplogix com> wrote:
fedora-release to system-release

nope not that package since the fedora-release package contains
exactly the bits of configuration that tag a system as running
'fedora'.  This is nothing in fedora-release that a downstream distro
would need to provide except for /etc/redhat-release file because
initscripts needs it which is a symlink anyways.   A downstream distro
has absolutely no business reusing the bulk of the files in

And not fedora-logos package either since it contains the specific
trademarked material that a downstream distro can't reuse.

Make everything else that you want generically named for consistency
but these two packages should stay in the fedora namespace to
explicitly denote that the contents are fedora specific and downstream
distros should be replacing those packages with their downstream
specific versions with downstream specific content.

-jef"mmmm black bean and fried banana empanadas"spaleta

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