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Re: possible yast porting? was: slashdot on fedora-marketing-list

Denis Leroy wrote:
Steve Barnhart wrote:
Forwarded to the more "technical" list following discussion.

Ya I really am saddened that no other distros have taken advantage of
YaST being open source. Everyone keeps wasting resources and
rebuilding when YaST is a good alternative and includes an ncurses gui
too. I really like YaST and is probably the reason I keep having a
hard time deciding between Fedora and openSUSE and keeping both of
them on my HD. Porting YaST should be way simpler for Fedora as it is
already RPM based. So many modules are there that rebuilding something
else just seems like a waste of time.

YaSt is the #1 reason I don't use SuSE

I second this, I have tried and retried over the last 3 years and seen YaST fail to deliver so many times. We are phasing out as many SLES as we can because of YaST and the fact that it's absolutely crap
in a production environment.

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