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Re: "redhat" and "fedora" in package naming

Le Jeu 31 août 2006 06:45, Jeff Spaleta a écrit :
> On 8/30/06, Paul B Schroeder <pschroeder uplogix com> wrote:
>> fedora-release to system-release
> nope not that package since the fedora-release package contains
> exactly the bits of configuration that tag a system as running
> 'fedora'.  This is nothing in fedora-release that a downstream distro
> would need to provide except for /etc/redhat-release file because
> initscripts needs it which is a symlink anyways.   A downstream distro
> has absolutely no business reusing the bulk of the files in
> fedora-release.

Actually, I think the point was if you want to create Dodo Linux 7 based
on Fedora Core 6 it's easier to substitute the Dodo Linux id if the
package/file providing it has a neutral name. No need to scan scripts and
deps for fedora references - just replace the release file in the package
with a new one.


Nicolas Mailhot

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