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Re: Fedora Artwork

Rahul wrote:
Bill Nottingham wrote:
Paul W. Frields (stickster gmail com) said:
1) The default artwork must be locked at the feature freeze, modulo
bugfixes. Fixing an icon or two's orientation is a bugfix. Changing
   the theme or icon set is not.

   Rationale: At that point, people start making screenshots, install
guides, release notes, etc. In fact, I believe there are FC6 documents
   already mostly frozen.
FC6 specific documents? We dont really have any besides the release notes.
Um, the Installation Guide is one.  Having worked on that all last
weekend, I can tell you it's FC6 specific. :-)  But like our other
documents, it only undergoes a temporary freeze for our translators'
sake for a short period before publication. Then it's open for business
again.  Any artwork changes can be screenshotted into the new one.

Ah, I misread. I'm still leery about changing this after the feature

I think we leave icon theme unchanged as a separate package in Fedora Extras and look at importing the DNA theme and completing it.



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