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Re: openmotif to be removed from Fedora October 2, 2006

Hans de Goede wrote:

Rex Dieter wrote:
For reference, a copy of this posting as well as any updates on this
topic are available at

Per discussion on the Fedora Advisory Board mailing list, openmotif
currently does not meet Fedora's licensing requirements.  The openmotif
developers have been contacted, but it appears openmotif's licensing
will not be changing soon.

The hard decision has been made that openmotif will be removed from
Fedora and the current plan is to make this happen by October 2, 2006,
the final development freeze for Fedora Core 6.

Currently, the following packages in Core and Extras contain runtime or
build time dependencies on openmotif:
 * cmucl
 * ddd
 * geomview
 * gpsd
 * grace
 * Inventor
 * mesa-libGLw
 * nedit
 * xlockmore
 * xpdf

Maintainers need to update their packages to use another motif
implementation, lesstif (in Extras). It is not 100% ABI-compatible (and
provides a different shared library soname), but all that should be
required for most motif-dependent applications is changing

BuildRequires: openmotif-devel
BuildRequires: lesstif-devel

and rebuilding/recompiling.

since lesstif is in extras does this mean that all those packages will
be moving to extras?

The above list includes both core and extras packages and all the lesstif/motif dependencies in core would move out to extras.


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