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Re: Fedora Artwork

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Myles Green (rmg57 telus net) said:
Forget the icons, if is not enough time for them, will not be the default, but for a wallpaper, GDM theme and GRUB splash there is no need for months of testing and these are very visible (and we have for weeks the good looking DNA theme from Máirín)
Is there an actual GTK/Metacity theme out there? If so, my efforts at
finding them have been in vain. I've got the wallpaper and GDM themes,
still need to find/get the GRUB splash. I *like* this theme!

Considering this more...

I still believe that having all artwork done by feature freeze is
the proper idea.

That being said, we didn't actually *have* any policy in place
at feature freeze for FC6. So, it's somewhat hard to hold to that

We need to document the release freeze policy and the team to contact for exceptions probably somewhere in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Development and linked from http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Core/Schedule

My proposal for *this release is*:

- shelve the icon set - it's not done. Feel free to ship it as
  an optional update that users can install and then switch to,
  or something similar.
- for the various splash screens/logo-ware, we can change them
  as long as they are in by *test 3*. Which doesn't leave much time,
  but if they're mostly done (as they appear to be) it should be
- as to *what* artwork we ship, I hope that fedora-art can come to
  some sort of consensus.


DNA theme from duffy seems to be most complete and popular one in fedora-art list and perhaps the background from Andy



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