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Re: possible yast porting? was: slashdot on fedora-marketing-list

Sadly, I am just a user and do not know too much programming detail. I
am wondering how distro-specific yast really is, and perhaps if it
would just require some symlinks/file location editing. Anyone else
here know?

On 8/31/06, Rahul <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
Steve Barnhart wrote:
> Well Ok I'd like to some people for their actual dissection of what
> the problems were. I guess I don't work in production environments
> (not that Fedora is even for that??) and didn't realize so many users
> hatrid of YaST. I've always found it pretty simple to use but maybe
> that's just me. At least reasoning was given..hopefully the team can
> atleast add some more system-config-* programs or something.

Are you or any of the Yast fans willing to work on porting and packaging
it in Fedora? Regardless of how many other people dislike it if people
work on it and get into Fedora Extras following the guidelines nobody is
going to oppose that.


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