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Re: Rescue CD (and other) questions

On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 17:02 -0500, Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:
> 1) Why isn't /selinux automatically mounted for existing installations? 
> Without it, rpm installs do not work when rescuing from a 
> selinux-enabled kernel, such as the one in FC5T2 (because attempts to 
> set the file context fail).

Because no one has filed a bug asking for it.

> 2) I want to migrate data from an old disk onto a new one. Currently I 
> have two logical volumes that span both disks, and take up 100% of the 
> space. I'd like to reduce a lv, in order to migrate the data. Doesn't 
> seem to work from the rescue CD.
> lvresize -r -L -120G /dev/cobra/home2 says:
> fsadm: execlp failed: No such file or directory.
> Any suggestions? One of the things it's looking at is 
> /proc/lvm/VGs/cobra.. (/proc/lvm doesn't exist).

That looks like old lvm1 tools -- are you sure you're using a current
rescue CD?

> 3) Unrelated question: When I originally added my sata drive to the 
> volume group, my kernel would no longer boot. Investigation showed that 
> sd_mod doesn't get loaded into the initrd, and without it nothing works. 
> I had to edit mkinitrd to make it put that module in the archive. Why 
> would that happen?

You need to make sure that there's an appropriate scsi_hostadapter line
in /etc/modprobe.conf for the module for your SATA chipset.  That will
then key mkinitrd to include sd_mod


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