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Benjy Grogan wrote:

I hear that in a week or so Novell will be releasing the source code to XGL for X11 7.0.

Well David Reveman released a snapshot about a month ago

Will it be possible to have XGL available in Extras for FC5?

From what I understand the new code has/is being worked back into the xorg tree by Dave Airlie (and others?) but there are various xgl/xegl/xserver/kdrive trees to take into account, as well as the public work that was going on while novell were doing the behind-closed-doors work, and at the moment I think it only works using nested X servers, my *GUESS* is that it won't see the light of before X11R7.1 at the *EARLIEST*

I'm guessing it's one of those new X11 modules that v7.0 is all about. But I know little about XGL and would like to test it out to know more. It's going to be in NLD 10 in a few months.

Modular X is designed to help thuis sort of thing, but it's not minor what you're asking for, I think you need to wait for FC6 or later ...

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