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Re: Rawhide performance?

Dax Kelson wrote:
I installed rawhide on a beefy desktop computer.

300GB SATA RAID1 (testing out the new dmraid integration)
Nvidia 6800GT 256MB video (Qty 2 -- SLI)
1600x1200 resolution

I haven't quantified it yet, but desktop GNOME performance seems very
sluggish. Many seconds to launch apps. Many seconds for the GNOME panel
menu to drop down and populate with icons. In general the lack of
performance is bad enough to be very noticeable and annoying.

Is this to be expected?

Is it cario?
Is it the compiler settings?
Is it kernel compile settings (is there lots of debug turned on)?
Is it the stock nvidia driver? (nvidia proprietary driver won't install)

Dax Kelson

There have been some sluggish kernels recently because of some debugging code,
the latest kernel-2.6.15-1.1884_FC5 seems OK.

There have been some problems with font caching recently. I understand that these
should be fixed soon.

You might check your raid performance with "hdparm -Tt /dev/md0"
I'm using 4 way striping on 10Krpm SATA drives (SW RAID 0) on an X2
and I'm getting a very snappy 237MB/sec for disk reads.
RAID-1 will buy you protection against disk failure, but it doesn't
do much for performance.


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