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Re: Question about Fedora Extras 5

Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote :

> will there be a CD series or DVD distribution of Fedora Extras 5, too?
> E.g. after installing final Core 5, Anaconda or firstboot may offer a choice
> about "Install Extra CDs".
> I just installed RHEL3 on a machine at my workplace, it had this option.

I already asked the same a few weeks back :

Also, I still haven't received any feedback about the FC4 Extra CD of
freshrpms.net packages I created, in case you'd be interested in trying it
out (as it seems no one else has... the audience on mailing-list is not
the best one for "use this if you don't have Internet" stuff, I
guess ;-)) :
http://www.mail-archive.com/freshrpms-list freshrpms net/msg01137.html

But I think you're confusing the terms "Extra CDs" and "Fedora Extras",
which are two completely different things, although it would definitely be
nice to make "Extra CDs/DVDs of Fedora Extras" at some point.


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
Fedora Core release 4 (Stentz) - Linux kernel 2.6.14-1.1656_FC4
Load : 0.17 0.53 0.39

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