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Re: nothing from buildsys?

On 2/02/2006 11:39 p.m., Peter Robinson wrote:
Is buildsys still working on today's bake, or is there some other reason
why no new rawhide today?

If there's a lot of rebuilds it sometimes doesn't appear until around
midday GMT time so it's probably still toiling away on the builds. I
saw on a blog somewhere that one of the redhat guys is playing with a
unified accross all platforms srpm repo so it could be due to that.

Every time a nasty bug shows up in rawhide (like the one with yum and python-sqlite from yesterday) I wonder if it would be possible or in fact practical to have two builds a day or more to pick up rawhide changes.
Is there a reason why only 1 a day is done - is it just historical?

I'd also be curious to know what sort of machine is doing the actual building, one would expect that given sometimes there are builds of gcc and glibc on the go in one nightly build, it must be a seriously fast piece of machinery to be able to produce so many binaries in a reasonable amount of time. Anyone who has tried compiling glibc from scratch would testify how long that alone can take ;-)


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