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Re: Replace mozilla with SeaMonkey?

Yes, I already worked in my spare time on producing SeaMonkey RPM packages.
I selected a combination of patches from the set currently used in Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla RPM packages.
I made it so that Mozilla and SeaMonkey can be installed at the same time.

I would like to wait with publishing the package until Chris had a chance to review spec file and patches.
I'll post to the list once we're done.
Also note, this will be my first package for Extras, so it might take me a bit longer to get it included there.

For FC 5, we think Mozilla 1.7.x should still be included.
That seems reasonable as other packages might depend on Mozilla (?), and the GRE it provides (see /etc/gre.conf). I don't know whether SeaMonkey 1.0 can be used as a compatible drop-in replacement for that. It's probably not a good idea to remove Mozilla that late in the FC 5 release process.

After FC 5, we might either remove Mozilla 1.7.x from Core, or move it over to Extras. But if Extras contains SeaMonkey, there might no longer be a need to provide Mozilla 1.7.x, too.


Christopher Aillon wrote:
On 02/02/2006 08:19 AM, Gilboa Davara wrote:
Helllo all,

With the release of the SeaMonkey 1.0, shouldn't Fedora replace the
aging mozilla-1.7.x package (.12 in both rawhide and FC5T2) with the new
SeaMonkey package?

The eventual goal is to drop the mozilla based browsers from Core and move them to Extras, so SeaMonkey should do that now. I think Kai Engert has an SRPM lying around somewhere.

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