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Re: rawhide report: 20060202 changes

Dnia 02-02-2006, czw o godzinie 11:46 -0500, Bill Nottingham napisał(a):
> I expect it's not covered in comps right either - Jens, what's the
> logic behind this?

(I'm just after short review of m17n)
IMO it will be better ask why m17n was included to distribution packages
list. On first look m17n it is real piece of crap. Why ? Because in
current form it duplicates many things from libc locale database and few
more things (did I write "duplicates" ? .. correction: it is not second
copy of locale/encodings description because second sits in XLOCALE

If it is realy neccassary for some importand new package better will be
invest more energy in (re)development this library for not bloating
distribution using (IMO) discussabe quality code :>

So .. question is: what is the logic is in include m17n to
distribution ?
Please .. do not morph Fedora to next JBDL (Just Bloated Linux
Distribution (tm)).

[1] more copies of charsets descriptions sits in mysql, cups (it is
Common Unix Printing System so why the hell it does not uses libc ? :>),
kbd (it is Linux specyfic code so .. also: why it does not uses libc
charsets database ?), perl, squiremail (why it does not uses php iconv
for charsets conversions ?), python, tcl and few other packages ..


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