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Re: nothing from buildsys?

Peter Robinson wrote:
Is buildsys still working on today's bake, or is there some other reason
why no new rawhide today?

If there's a lot of rebuilds it sometimes doesn't appear until around
midday GMT time so it's probably still toiling away on the builds. I
saw on a blog somewhere that one of the redhat guys is playing with a
unified accross all platforms srpm repo so it could be due to that.

SRPMS have been unified across all architectures since about
Red Hat Linux 7.2 or 7.3 at Red Hat.  Or in other words, when
a single src.rpm package is built, it is simultaneously submitted
to all 7 of the architectures in the buildsystem to which are
considered the "primary architectures".  Essentially, these are
the architectures which RHEL is available for.

If a build fails on any one architecture, a signal is sent to
the builds on all other architectures to kill them and discard
all results.

The consequence of this, is that ever since that has been implemented
in the Red Hat build system, every single package built, is built on
all 7 architectures, or on 0 architectures.  Package failures require
the engineer to fix the package until it builds on all 7 arches in
order for it to be accepted into the buildsystem.  The only exceptions
to this, are:

1) Packages that are by their very nature, architecture specific
   or which don't make sense on some architectures.

2) Packages that fail on an architecture due to buildsystem breakage
   or other obscure problem, so the engineer excludes the arch from
   being built using ExclusiveArch/ExcludeArch in the spec file to
   temporarily work around the problem until someone else can fix
   the broken buildmachines, etc.

So....   What is this unified across all platforms srpm repo you speak
of, and how does it differ from what we've been doing internally for
about 4 years?  ;o)

Mike A. Harris  *  Open Source Advocate  *  http://mharris.ca
                      Proud Canadian.

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