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Re: Rawhide performance?

>On 2/2/06, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> >>wrote:Naheem Zaffar wrote:
>> Adding a further question, should I file a bug against the combined
>> rad-hat menu? it waits til it is first clicked on to check for
>> updates. The Gnome default menu (three buttons applications, and the
>> other two) seems to work straight away.
>Which updates?
Updates to the .desktop files.(I may be talking from the rear though... that is a guess...)

> The combined menu seems to have got faster since yesterday I think...
> but it still takes a noticeable amount of time, as (I assume) it is
> looking for the desktop files after being clicked on for the first time.

How many seconds of difference is there between the RH menu and the
stock GNOME menu?

My system:
Pentium 3 667mhz. 768 MB of 133 SDRAM. Latest Rawhide (3 February... test carried out after full update at 3pm UK time...)

Testing: try one menu type, reboot, try other. Wait til everything is loaded before trying. timing method: 1 elephant, 2 elephant, 3 elephant. (Sorry... that loses this 'test' alot of credibility...)

1. Combined menu: Approx 7 seconds on a cold boot.
2. Default gnome-menu: immediate. 0 seconds on cold boot.
3. after logging out and logging back in without a reboot, the combined menu still takes around 1.5 seconds.

These times feel faster than it was taking a few days before my first post. (I mentioned I felt a speed up a few days prior to that email...). And the system is frozen while the combined menu does its thing.

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