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Re: propozition of specs cleanups

On 2/3/06, Tomasz Kłoczko <kloczek zie pg gda pl> wrote:
> IMO best way for introduce this kind changes will be make propozition of
> this kind changes (one by one or in small groups) for discuss -> after
> pass few days for discuss and without protests -> performe single commit
> by someon who have permission for this kind stylistics/cosmetics changes
> for making this like "shoot and forget" without absorbe each developer
> for making each single line/small adjustment.

I think making these small changes... even if you script them.. is
absolutely pointless until you there is a concensous from the Core
developers to use agreed on spec templates and style rules.  Trying to
apply what you think are appropriate stylistic rules for specfiles
without the developers who are maintaining the packages agreeing to
consistently use that style in the future just makes work for
You are fixing the wrong problem and you are fixing it the wrong way.

If your goal is to have all the Core spec files be produced in a
consistent manner then you will need to convince the Core developers
to use a consistent style (and you can't do that by calling them
stupid or inexperienced).  Going back and "fixing" the specfiles
without the maintainers agreeing with the style changes you want to
enforce is a short-circuit hack which avoids the underlying problem of

-jef"You catch more flies with honey, and you catch more developers
with pizza"spaleta

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