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Re: propozition of specs cleanups

Dnia 03-02-2006, pią o godzinie 12:13 -0500, Jeff Spaleta napisał(a): 
> On 2/3/06, Tomasz Kłoczko <kloczek zie pg gda pl> wrote:
> > IMO best way for introduce this kind changes will be make propozition of
> > this kind changes (one by one or in small groups) for discuss -> after
> > pass few days for discuss and without protests -> performe single commit
> > by someon who have permission for this kind stylistics/cosmetics changes
> > for making this like "shoot and forget" without absorbe each developer
> > for making each single line/small adjustment.
> I think making these small changes... even if you script them.. is
> absolutely pointless until you there is a concensous from the Core
> developers to use agreed on spec templates and style rules.

Read again my previouse email. This is what I was write :)

> Trying to apply what you think are appropriate stylistic rules for specfiles
> without the developers who are maintaining the packages agreeing to
> consistently use that style in the future just makes work for
> everyone.

Tring to keep population spec files without common coding style will
make harder and harder maintaining this even for developers with CVS r/w
access (think about people like me who want look on this only

> You are fixing the wrong problem and you are fixing it the wrong way.
> If your goal is to have all the Core spec files be produced in a
> consistent manner then you will need to convince the Core developers
> to use a consistent style (and you can't do that by calling them
> stupid or inexperienced).

Sorry (for my rude eagain) .. but I'm not talking with Core developers ?
Who is the boss/leader of the team ?
If I'm talk with FC developers .. is it above mean to submiting bugzilla
BR I must add time for talk one by one with each developer ? If yes ..
before it was stupid but now it make all this plain nonsens :>
I do not have CVS rw access and do not want to have this. I want talk
with persons responsible on specs coding style.


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