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Re: propozition of specs cleanups

On 2/3/06, Tomasz Kłoczko <kloczek zie pg gda pl> wrote:
> Read again my previouse email. This is what I was write :)

I don't see aything in what you wrote that provides a mechanism to
encourage Core developers to consistently use a defined style.  I see
no description of a re-education program nor do I see you suggesting
that new packages to Core must go through a pre-submission review
process.  Things are not going to get better in terms of style in Core
specs unless indvidual maintainers are willing to change their habits.

I think you brushed aside Mike's explanation of how he writes
specfiles over several revisions a bit too quickly. Nor did you even
attempt to describe a different mechanism for Mike to use to replace
his specfile coding method.  Style is a habit. You don't fix
inconsistent styles by going back and editting what people wrote. You
fix it by finding ways to get the developers to change their habits. I
don't see you making any attempt here to address the underlying bad

> Sorry (for my rude eagain) .. but I'm not talking with Core developers ?

I'm pretty sure there is no requirement that Core developers actively
read all threads in this list.  There may be very few maintainers
watching this thread at this point.  At best you are talking to a few
developers and a lot of people(like me) who just like to talk.

> I do not have CVS rw access and do not want to have this. I want talk
> with persons responsible on specs coding style.

Is there someone responsble for spec style in Core? I highly doubt
that there is a person tapped with that sort of janitorial duty. You
also seem to have an unwritten assumption that Core maintainers are
willing to conform to a single coding style.

-jef"being a good idea salesman doesn't involve bullying people into
accepting your ideas to solve your problems... it involves showing
them how your ideas solve their problems. I haven't seen you attempt
address Mike's problem"spaleta

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