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Re: Replace mozilla with SeaMonkey?

Kai Engert wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:

Would they use the same profile as Netscape 7 does? The query is mainly due to email accounts, bookmarks are rather large. I don't think needing to import all this information into another profile would be desirable. The different directories for Thunderbird and for mozilla are one feature that I do not care for.
Seamonkey uses the same profile in the same directory as the former Mozilla 1.7.x suite.


Thanks! I was fearing a Thunderbird type of change. I see no reason why one would devise separate profiles. Using the same directory/profile is what I want.

I started using SeaMonkey instead of Mozilla for both Linux and windows. The mail, composer and browser worked the same or better than Mozilla. If Mozilla is replaced by SeaMonkey and is the only Suite maintained, I see no fallout from this type of change. Of course I'm seeing this from a user viewpoint.
Applications that depend on Mozilla might disagree with this viewpoint.

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