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Xorg 6.9 Update for FC4?

Hi all. 

With the recent release of the modular X.org X11R7, will Fedora Core 4 receive
an update to its monolithic counterpart X11R6.9? 

The primary reason I inquire about this is for the updated drivers. Every so
often, OpenGL-intensive apps such as BZFlag and others will inevitably hardlock
my system, forcing a reboot to fix it. Some games such as gl-117 refuse to even
play without hardlocking. However, I upgraded a now-dead Gentoo install to one
of the later X.org release candidates and found that, unlike 6.8 (both on Gentoo
and Fedora), X11R7 seems to fix every issue that I have with the R200 driver.
(I use a Radeon 9200.) 

While I'm aware that the shift to a modular, autotool build and distribution
system is a very fundamental change to the architecture of X.org, it did put out
a 6.9 release which is of the same codebase of 7.0, and thusly would (hopefully)
also fix this and other small issues I have with the radeon driver. It would
also provide better support for newer video cards (such as the i945 Intel GMA,
R300-series Radeon cards, et al.)

Also, I'm not aware of any difficulties that we would face in doing this. It
would only be a matter of version-bumping the various xorg-x11 packages and
building a new release, right?

Alternatively, would it be better for me to grab a 6.9 source RPM and rebuild it
for my FC4 system? If this is the preferred method by the Fedora X.org team,
would someone please point me to instructions to do this? (Would it be a simple
"rpm --rebuild xorg-x11*.src.rpm"?)

Thanks for your time!
Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
GnuPG Public Key: 0xDA3634D7

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