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Re: propozition of specs cleanups


Sorry but my rude expression it is reaction on submiting many separated
BR via bugzilla for *very* small changes in many packages.
It doesnt require showing poor attitude. Keep the discussion technical.

There is no leader in fedora development team or someone other hwo watch
on all traffic in CVS or other persons who can commit some mainly
stylistics changes ? If no .. look on current form od FC spec files. So
many styles as many developers. This it makes much more harder for any
developers .. this is like idendenting .c files.
It is rarely possible for anyone to watch all the traffic in any list in Fedora much less all the CVS changes in a thorough fashion to "standardize" spec files . What would be better is to enforce packaging guidelines and review each of the packages when they are introduced. Thats what is being done in Fedora Extras.

If you want more I have *very long* list of this kind things. but IMO
best will be introduce all this one by one for aprove and inform in best
possible way all developers about some common rules on maintainig specs.
Doing it piecemeal is not going to be worth the effort for you or for the developers without a consensus. So since you have a long list of similar things, it would be better to write one solid proposal for all the changes that you believe needs standardization and send it to the list so that developers can reach consensus on it and follow those guidelines. Kindly refer to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Guidelines for existing guidelines.

Do you see now most of this kind changes can be performed by single
perl/sed regexp ? if yes .. ask: why the hell for change N single line
cleanups in N spec files must be involved N developers ? this single
change and require single developer who can commit this with aprove all
other developers.

IMO best way for introduce this kind changes will be make propozition of
this kind changes (one by one or in small groups) for discuss -> after
pass few days for discuss and without protests -> performe single commit
by someon who have permission for this kind stylistics/cosmetics changes
for making this like "shoot and forget" without absorbe each developer
for making each single line/small adjustment.

Ones more: I'm not talking about bugs or critical bugs. I'm talking
about prepare some kind of "common spec coding style".
If introducing this kind chanes will be possible only via bugzilla for
each package this will create unnormal amout of traffic in bugzill wich
can stop many people for many days or weeks. Do you see this now ?
Your idea is much more explicit and clear now. See above for my comments.

If you want my time for spending on bugzilla -> please pay me for this
(sorry) or show me how can I introduce in time frame comparable to time
spend on thinking on sed line

It probably can be done within the buildsystem to enforce such things. Meanwhile if you dont want to voluntarily spend the time involved in reporting this changes to the individual developers through bugzilla feel free to drop it but several people have done similar things before.

Hanging this in build system is bad point.
This will be like indenting .c files on compile stage.
Depends on how you do it. You can enforce code standards in a build system in different ways. It is automated and likely to be more comprehensive and efficient especially for repetitive tasks.

Fedora Bug Triaging - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers

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