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Re: CD/DVD Burning

Erwin Rol wrote:

I hate to bring it up after the mega thread on LKML, but I have some
problems with CD burning.

I saw bits of it ...

First of all what is the Fedora Core political correct program to burn
CD/DVD under gnome ? I have been using k3b, but that's an evil KDE
program ;-)

Well for burning .ISOs I right click and let nautilus do it
for creating a "quick" CD with a few files on it, again nautilus CD/DVD creator is ok, just drag them in then click thw write button, but for "important" stuff where I want to verify after write and have more control over it, I use k3b, I think gnome-baker is eventually meant to allow us to stop using k3b :-)

Than the real trouble starts, I get interrupt lost messages, on a drive
that used to work before. I already tried the acpi=noirq option without
success. When trying the erase the disk, and burn and pretty much
everything else that access the drive, i get the following errors;

only "hard" error I get from k3b is when trying to burn a DVD+RDL, but I'm now fairly convinved it is an issue with my drive/firmware :-(

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