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Question about IT821x driver and DMA

I actually have an ITE8212 with two 400GiB drives in a RAID1

It seems that I cannot set DMA with hdparm on this drive without driving
the system into a lockup.

>From what I could understand of the code, there are some significant DMA
problems with the device, but there are a lot of workarounds present.

The question is: am I doomed to PIO Mode on this device forever, or are
y'all working actively to make real DMA work?

The card locks the system hard when it fails, and it is prone to fail
most frequently when trying to DMA and serve the data via SMB or NFS to
other systems.  I can practically guarantee that turning on DMA will
kill the system in less than 1 minute if I attempt to turn it on with an
active SMB session in progress.

G.Wolfe Woodbury     `- -'
RHCT                   U
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