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Re: Proposed and major updates policy

On 2/5/06, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
> This is far from perfect solution. Easy example:

The PERFECT solution.. is to integrate update notifications back into
available client tools.. so noone has to dink around with any
mailinglist at all to see update annoucements. In the perfect world,
all you have to do is ask your client tool to  give you a summary of
relevant notifications for each repo you are interested in from the
repo metadata.

Trying to figure out how to sprinkle annoucements into the
mailinglists is just a huge waste of everyones brainpower.
mailinglists are not the right solution for this information no matter
 if you decide to put them in their own mailinglist or not.  The right
solution is to get notification text directly coupled into the
workflow of package updating and package discovery.  You are just
picking nits when you are trying to decide whether test-list is the
best mailinglist.

-jef"how about we just have one mailinglist for every package...that
includes notifications and bugreports and development discussion for
that one particular package. That way i dont have to see any
discussion about kde updates because I don't install or use kde.  So
what if we'd end up with thousands of mailinglists.. what's really
important is making sure noone sees a single discussion they are not
interested in seeing"spaleta

> - you filter for "Fedora Core . Test Update", all other mail is routed
> to /dev/null from fedora-test-list
> - "Fedora Core 4 Test Update: udev-071-0.FC4.2" is posted and you get it
> - someone else does it wrong and posts a mail with the subject "Problems
> with udev from updates testing" (people will do that, that's life) -- a
> lengthy thread might result from it and you'll miss it because
> only /dev/null can read it.
> Okay, you can try also to filter for "updates testing" and "FC4", but
> you will still miss some relevant discussions. :-|
> IMHO a separate mailinglist for updates-testing would be a good idea --
> I would subscribe.
> BTW, I really like the idea that started this thread (the "Can we have a
> policy to ensure to that all the updates have a week or so of testing
> period in the updates-testing repository with the exception of security
> updates which go through a shorter duration of testing?." idea)
> CU
> thl
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