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Re: Xorg 6.9 Update for FC4?

On 2/4/06, Mike A. Harris <mharris mharris ca> wrote:
> A 6.9 release would be a lot more work than that, but much much
> less work than doing a 7.0 release.  I already have 6.9 beta rpms
> which I could probably update cleanly to 6.9 in a day or two, ...

> If there is strong enough interest in 6.9 rpms, I might be able to
> be convinced to spend some of my personal time updating my previous
> 6.8.99.x packages on the weekend sometime.  Of course it has to be
> a pleasant experience for me to expend the effort though.  The last
> time I did it, the feedback I got from people was mostly inflammatory
> and negative, with no appreciation for the effort, so I stopped doing
> it.  For an example of what I mean by this, simply look back a few
> messages in this list to discover how rude and thankless people can
> sometimes be.

I am very interested in 6.9 rpms for FC4 (I need multihead,
independent, and concurrent X servers). I tried to rpmbuild my own
using the kit at http://sergiomb.no-ip.org/xorg/ which is based upon
your previous 6.8.99.x packages, but could not get a working package.
I considered trying to get it to work myself, but the spec file is
more complex than any spec file I have ever seen.

So, I for one would be very appreciative of any time you spent on the
issue. Hurray for Mike Harris!


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