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Re: Fedora Core 5 Test 3 Slip

Tim Lauridsen wrote:

Christopher Aillon wrote:

On 02/05/2006 05:03 PM, D Canfield wrote:

In fact, the only two things I'm eager for in FC5 are a working suspend on my thinkpad, and evolution syncing on my Treo (neither of which looks is looking too promising anymore).

Suspend should be working for FC5, especially on thinkpads. Works great on my T41 at least.

On my T30 suspend is working, but it can't wakeup again :-((.


That's my problem as well. The SATA-HD resume finally seems to be working, but if I suspend/resume from a text console, I get no video whatsoever (not even a backlight), and if I suspend/resume in X, I get a corrupted screen. The system clearly resumes though, as I can blind-type to login and do an ls -lR / to make my hard drive flash and such. My T43 has an ATI X300 chipset, I believe, if that provides any insight to anyone.


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