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Re: Proposed and major updates policy

Warren Togami wrote:
Jeff Spaleta wrote:

The PERFECT solution.. is to integrate update notifications back into
available client tools.. so noone has to dink around with any
mailinglist at all to see update annoucements. In the perfect world,
all you have to do is ask your client tool to  give you a summary of
relevant notifications for each repo you are interested in from the
repo metadata.

I strongly agree that users shouldn't need to fumble through mail in order to read update announcements. This should be part of our package metadata and easily browsable using package management tools.

It's a nice solution if it's also available via the web. The various mailing list archives make it easy to follow the list of updates even if you're not logged into the system you need to update. If the only way of following update announcements is to run yum or some other client repodata-aware client tool, it becomes difficult to follow the announcements from machines without this client tool (e.g., Windows workstations), or from places like Internet cafes, where the only tool you have is a web browser.

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