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Re: Request for testers: Video hardware autodetection

Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:
Mike A. Harris wrote:

The latest xorg-x11-drv-* driver packages contain videoaliases
files for kudzu et al. to use for video card autodetection and
driver mapping.


If you have a video card which is assigned the "vesa" driver
from the above test, then it is either not supported by the
drivers, or we're missing a PCI ID to driver mapping for that
card/chip.  To determine if it is supported by the driver,
hand edit the xorg.conf and replace the vesa driver with the
native X driver for the particular vendor.  ie: "nv" for
Nvidia, "ati" for ATI, etc., and test to see if X starts up.


2/6/06 rawhide ati driver xorg-x11-drv-ati- still detects radeon 9200 AGP as vesa. BZ 180001 updated.

This is an odd situation, as it appears as if the videoalias files
are being ignored by kudzu.  The radeon.xinf does contain the entries
for the Radeon 9200, so it should get detected.  Are you running
a fully updated system, including the latest kudzu,
system-config-display, rhpl, rhplx, pyxf86config, all xorg packages,
kernel, etc.?

If one uses an old (FC4 era, or early FC5 rawhide) set of any of these
packages, that would explain it.

To make matters more confusing, other people are claiming the
autodetection does work properly now.  So I'd like to ask everyone
to make absolutely sure their entire system is completely updated
to current rawhide, and not just xorg packages.  Also, systems
running FC4 with some parts of rawhide will totally not work right
as far as autodetection goes, but that is expected.

If everyone is updated however, and the problem remains only for
some people, then we'll have to investigate why that's happening,
but it would sure be a strange situation. ;)

Thanks for the update!

Mike A. Harris  *  Open Source Advocate  *  http://mharris.ca
                      Proud Canadian.

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