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Re: where is glxgears and glxinfo?

ZC Miao wrote:
They're no longer in xorg-x11-utils?

They never were in xorg-x11-utils.  ;o)

yum install glx-utils in about 2 days.  It's a subpackage of mesa
now, since MesaDemos uses the same undesireable buildsystem as Mesa
does, and the source is quite married to Mesa.  It turns out that
it only increases the size of the src.rpm by 800Kb, which isn't too
bad, and the build time increases only by a few seconds, so it isn't
as bad as I expected.  Probably better off having it this way than
in a seperate SRPM in hindsight.

It'll take a few days for it to hit rawhide public servers tho.

As a slight teaser....

* Tue Feb  7 2006 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 6.4.2-2
- Added new "glx-utils" subpackage with glxgears and glxinfo (#173510)
- Added mesa-6.4.2-dprintf-to-debugprintf-for-bug180122.patch to
  workaround a Mesa namespace conflict with GNU_SOURCE (#180122)
- Added mesa-6.4.2-xorg-server-uses-bad-datatypes-breaking-AMD64-fdo5835.patch
  as an attempt to fix bugs (#176976,176414,fdo#5835)
- Enabled inclusion of the *EXPERIMENTAL UNSUPPORTED* r300 DRI driver on
  x86, x86_64, and ppc architectures, however the 2D Radeon driver will
  soon be modified to require the user to manually turn experimental
  DRI support on with Option "dri" in xorg.conf to test it out and
  report all X bugs that occur while using it directly to X.Org
  bugzilla.  (#179712)

* Sat Feb  4 2006 Mike A. Harris <mharris redhat com> 6.4.2-1
- Updated to Mesa 6.4.2
- Use "libGLU.so.1.3.0604*" glob in file manifest, to avoid having to
  update it each upstream release.

Mike A. Harris  *  Open Source Advocate  *  http://mharris.ca
                      Proud Canadian.

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