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Re: rawhide report: 20060207 changes

Just a heads up...

On 7/02/2006 9:34 p.m., Build System wrote:

* Tue Feb 07 2006 Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> 8.26-1
- revert "rc.sysinit: don't mount usbfs, libusb no longer uses it" change
- add some ugly hacks to make sure net hotplug doesn't run after unclean
  shutdown (#177795)
- don't mount /sys and /proc in rc.sysinit - the initrd already does
  (<pjones redhat com>)

That change breaks any system where there is no initrd (like mine where I build what I need into the kernel itself).

If you're running a custom built kernel you'll get a pretty nasty series of failure messages if you don't have an initrd where these mounts are done since the system is pretty must screwed if there is no /proc and /sys.

Perhaps what would be more appropriate is initscripts to test to see if those mounts exist (ie have been mounted already) and if so then continue, if not then mount them then continue.

- halt: try to unmount tmpfs filesystems before swapoff (#174000,
  <mitr redhat com>)

[I was also further hosed when the Fedora kernel wouldn't boot, it hung mounting something in fstab, but I'll look more into that].


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