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Re: Sunbird in Rawhide

On Tuesday 07 February 2006 18:44, Garry Harthill wrote:
> Last time this was mensioned was middle of last year and I was
> wondering if Mozilla Sunbird going to be included in Rawhide in the
> near future? It looks a very interesting application and would like to
> see inclusion into Fedora at some point.
> Evolutions Exchange plug-in is driving me mad. Fedora needs a decent
> calender app - and soon.
> Garry

It *shouldn't* be.

 * It is still in the early stages of development.
 * Initially, it would belong in Extras, not Core.

There are a number of other calendaring applications available in Fedora Core 
and Extras already.  I personally use KDE and the KOrganizer application 
(from the kdepim package).  It has all of the features of Sunbird, plus 
several more, and it has fewer bugs.

If you really want to see Sunbird become available, you're welcome to try 
packaging it and submitting it to Extras, but with the early stage it is 
currently in, and with its slow development so far, it will likely otherwise 
be a long time before you'll see it in Fedora.  Note that the current CVS 
version does /not/ build correctly on Fedora Core.


Note also that the current preferred direction of Mozilla is using the 
Lightning extension to Thunderbird, rather than the standalone Sunbird 

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