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Re: Testing Xen. Some quick questions.

The error I reported earlier actually occurs after bug 177644. Sorry about that.

One suggestion for xenguest-install.py. You might want to set the initial value of ram to 256. It is a little confusing when it prints out "ERROR: Installs currently require 256 megs of RAM." in interactive mode (running without any command line args) before your prompted with "How much RAM should be allocated (in megabytes)? ".

On Feb 7, 2006, at 9:30 PM, Naoki wrote:

Is there a simple way to fake a netboot so I can use my existing
kickstart scripts and build OS instances the same way I would with
normal physical hardware?

Realistically, the xenguest-install stuff is pretty much faking netboot.
Run it with --help to see the way to pass the various things to it as
command line arguments and you can use -x for passing things like ks=

As we say in my country, "Sweet mate!".  I've tested with current
rawhide and it's looking good except for the stage2 problem which I
think has already been covered today.

Quick note about -l LOCATION, --location=LOCATION :

"http://host:/path"; may be confusing because it will not work with the
middle ":" unless a port is specified. Perhaps "http://host:port/ path"
is better?

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