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Re: Sunbird in Rawhide

On 08/02/06, Russell Harrison <rtlm10 gmail com> wrote:

> Garry,
> It drives us all mad, but it all we've got that integrates with exchange at
> all.  It should be noted that sunbird is a stand alone application and
> doesn't integrate with exchange or allow you to sync to a PDA.  I'm really
> rooting for Lightning myself, I'd love to have a crossplatform open source
> Outlook killer out there.
> Russell

I like the fact the Sunbird can connect to a WebDAV server on Apache
and store it's calenders there. This mean people can share calenders
and have similar functionality as users of shared calenders on
exchange. I have almost given up with a decent exchange connector for
any app and this looks like a decent alternative for group ca lander
sharing. I would just like to test it. It would be nice to see it in
development-extras at some point.


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