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Re: OLPC 'upstream'

> Any real code changes are going to be done upstream if possible; the

Just a FYI for people reading, I a Wiki "upstream" with more information
about the project.



"We plan to use the JFFS2 journalling flash file system on the flash..."
"At this point, OLPC looks most favorably on the GTK+/Pango/ATK toolkit"

Sounds good!  Be aware tho that large JFFS2 filesystems are really slow
to mount.


"We expect the release of a beta version of the emulator in early February."

And here is a hardware spec I didn't see before


    *  Processor: AMD Geode GX500 1 0W with AMD CS5536 companion chip
(note that the "500" chip really operates at a 366MHz clock).
    * Memory: 128MB DRAM, possibly DDR Mobile
    * Nonvolatile storage: 512MB (possibly 1GB) NAND flash memory
    * BIOS/loader: hardware details TBD; either conventional, or maybe
LinuxBIOS, if available in time.
    * Audio: AC97 codec (chip TBD; we are down to probably two or three
alternatives), built-in stereo speakers and mono microphone, jacks for
external stereo speakers and microphones
    * External ports: four USB2.0, one supporting On-The-Go functionality
    * Display: dual-mode, based on a 7.2" diagonal 800x600 monochrome
TFT panel
          o Monochrome (high-res, low-power "E-Book") mode: 800x600,
reflective (ambient light)
          o Color mode: 462x346, quincunx-sampled, LED-backlit
    * Input devices: keyboard, trackpad (supporting pointing, scrolling,
and possibly graphical input), additional buttons adjacent to screen for
use in E-Book/tablet mode
    * Wireless: Atheros AR5004G or AR5004GS chip, 802.11b/g. The
requirements of mesh networking in combination with the abilities of the
madwifi device driver have driven this selection; it is the best and
most flexible wireless device driver today. There are not other viable
alternatives at this time.
    * Power: 100-240VAC, 12VDC, also integrated crank charger based on a
permanent-magnet generator and 100:1 gear train. Battery details TBD.

Many of the TBD's should be set by late January, 2006, and we'll try to
keep this page up to date.

Actually quite encouraging, we'll see if "busybox" and "newlib" or
"uclibc" form part of Rehdat's concept.


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