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Re: caution with latest kernel + glibc

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 12:42pm, Ulrich Drepper wrote:
> Bill Rugolsky Jr. wrote:
> > 1909 x86_64 still locked up on my Tyan 2885 SMP, but 1914 has been up ten
> > hours and has shuffled more than 300GB on disk using cpio (local) and
> > rsync (remote).
> I have also still constant lockups.  But they are not related to the bug
> fixed with the patch referenced in the bug.  That part is fixed, I'm
> pretty sure.

On my Dual Opteron system at home (2x242 procs on a Tyan 2885 motherboard) and 
I have not been able to keep the system up since the first 2.6.13 kernels for 
FC4.  The 2.6.12's all work fine.

The (hard) lockups seem to occur after about the same quantity of file I/O 
regardless of how much time passes or where that I/O is going; could be local 
or NFS, HD or CD, etc.  I can always lock it up at the exact same spot for 
each kernel those each one has a different spot, by booting, logging in and 
firing off an rpmbuild.

I've been traveling these last couple of weeks, so I have not been home to try 
out the new 2.6.15 kernels.  I'll do that Saturday and let you know.
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