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Re: OLPC 'upstream'

Pete Zaitcev wrote:

> Yes, it does. There's a very large number of shell snippets embedded
> into applications. You may choose not to bundle gnome-terminal, that

Hm yes also in RPM pre/post[un]

> would be fine. But /bin/bash must be there and lame substitutions create
> problems which are not worth the saved space.

That is hard to be certain about without estimating some idea of the
saved space, both in flash and in RAM.  Ash is cut-down alright but the
most-used features like if [ ] , while, for and the usual compare
actions are in there and so on.  Most intricate script activity is done
by calling echo/cat/cut/grep/etc inside `` it seems

It seems to me the biggest saving can be had with replacing many
currently discrete packages with busybox.  The busybox versions of
everything are cut down... but... is that actually more of a bug than it
is a feature is the question.

Here is the canonical list of apps that can be generated inside the
busybox binary, with implemented options:


As you scroll down the list of apps, think of all the packages that go
out the window... Busybox has a Linux kernel-style make menuconfig where
you can do finegrained enable and disable and config of the packages in
it.  If one particular thing is too weak, you can turn it off in Busybox
and make it in its own package.  Otherwise Busybox makes symlinks to
itself in /bin/busybox for all the commands that it is compiled to support.


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