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Re: auid

>Also every other mail server including Sendmail.

Are they modified to set loginuid?

>The Postfix code supports multiple deliveries initiated from the one local 
>process and I wrote code to reset the auid for this.  This is one thing that 
>I think is a bad idea, in fact I'll suggest to Wietse that Postfix be changed 
>to only have one delivery per instance of the local process, fork() is cheap 
>by any measure and particularly when compared to all the synchronous disk IO 
>that occurs when a mail server is doing delivery.

The only issue is to make sure that when it does any processing of .files on
behalf of a user, the loginuid is set for that user during the processing of the
script. After that, postfix should go back to its original loginuid.

>Does procmail really need this?

For situations where there is no mail server installed and cron jobs need to
deliver the mail. If there's a way to avoid procmail when there's no postfix
installed, then we don't need it.

>As for Sendmail, one program which does EVERYTHING including the ability to
>reset auid.

Is sendmail modified?


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