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On 2/1/06, Mike A. Harris <mharris mharris ca> wrote:
Benjy Grogan wrote:
> I hear that in a week or so Novell will be releasing the source code to
> XGL for X11 7.0.  Will it be possible to have XGL available in Extras
> for FC5?  I'm guessing it's one of those new X11 modules that v7.0 is
> all about.  But I know little about XGL and would like to test it out to
> know more.  It's going to be in NLD 10 in a few months.

There are a lot of X related "goodies" that are up and coming in the
X development world, including technologies being developed by Red Hat,
Novell, Sun, and various others in the community.  The current plan for
Fedora Core 5, is to ship X11R7.0 as the official X implementation,
including the Xorg X server.

The various developmental/experimental technologies being developed
by the above parties will most likely be available to Fedora users in
one form or another over time, however everything is quite experimental
at the current point in time to make any solid speculation for the
inclusion of other components into Fedora Core 5 at this time.

Maybe Fedora could do something like was done with SELinux?  Where it was available in FC2 but not by default.  In an update for X11 from 7.0 to 7.1 for FC5 the Xgl branch could be included along with instructions on how to enable it.  This is how Novell will be introducing Xgl to it's NLD10 distribution.  It seems like a good way to get Xgl tested early and it's the perfect place for it to take place, in Fedora.

I'm eager to see how Xgl works. :)  And then I guess compiz would be the next request.  ;)

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