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JOnAS on FC5

JOnAS works well on FC5 test 2 w/updates.

The bottom line:
Tests	Failures Errors	Success rate  Time
1837	29	 9	97.93%	      1565.078
(The best set of results we've ever had, AFAIK)

The conformance test results are at
The only thing I changed in the default setup was the stack size.  (We
must get this change in the RPM!)

I had planned to work on this a few days, but Building JOnAS on an FC5
test box turned out to be no big deal at all!

The only real problem I had was with medor and jorm, which seem to
depend on each other.  So, I downloaded the following packages from
devserv.devel and rebuilt both:


I also had to install there FC5 packages:

tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api.i386 5.0.30-8jpp_9fc
jdom.noarch 1.0-1jpp_2fc.1
werken.xpath.noarch 0.9.4-0.beta.9jpp_2fc
velocity.noarch 1.4-3jpp_3fc
struts.i386 1.2.4-2jpp_5fc
tomcat5-jasper.i386 5.0.30-8jpp_9fc
tomcat5.i386 5.0.30-8jpp_9fc
jrefactory.noarch 2.8.9-3jpp_1fc.1.1
xjavadoc.noarch 1.1-1jpp_3fc
adaptx.noarch 0.9.6-1jpp_2fc.1.1
mockobjects.noarch 0.09-12jpp_4fc
concurrent.noarch 1.3.2-2jpp_1fc.1
tomcat5-webapps.i386 5.0.30-8jpp_9fc
jgroups.noarch 2.2.6-1jpp_3fc
classpathx-mail-monolithic.noarch 1.0-4jpp_4fc
castor.noarch 0.9.5-1jpp_1fc.1.1
tomcat5-admin-webapps.i386 5.0.30-8jpp_9fc
xdoclet.noarch 1.2.2-2jpp_4fc
tanukiwrapper.i386 3.1.1-4jpp_3fc.2
jakarta-commons-cli.i386 1.0-6jpp_5.fc5

And the progress of rebuilding JOnAS and all of its dependencies went
like this:

15:18 monolog
15:25 dtdparser
15:26 objectweb-deploysched
15:26 asm
15:27 fractal
15:28 perseus-cache
15:30 perseus-dependency
15:32 perseus-distribution
15:32 perseus-concurrency
15:58 nanoxml
16:00 oldkilim
16:02 jonathan-core
16:17 jacorb
16:22 jonathan-jeremie
16:24 carol
16:25 howl-logger
16:27 joram
16:41 perseus-pool
16:42 perseus-fos
16:43 jorm
16:44 medor
16:45 medor-expression
16:46 jotm
16:47 jorm-rdb-adapter
16:47 objectweb-anttask
16:48 perseus-persistence
16:49 p6spy
16:50 jonathan-rmi
16:50 gif89encoder
18:24 jonas


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