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Re: auid

>No, currently only Postfix.

OK, good...none sneaked in. :)   We probably should make a round of updates to
extend setting loginuid to some other entry point daemons as well. But getting
back to the original point I was trying to make...could we have policy restrict
the applications that can set the loginuid? (It might already do it, I dont

>>>Does procmail really need this?
>> For situations where there is no mail server installed and cron jobs need
>> to deliver the mail. If there's a way to avoid procmail when there's no
>> postfix installed, then we don't need it.

>How do you do this?  I guess you have some sort of -m option to crond.

Yes, crond had a -m option added to it. We were looking at using procmail or a
helper script.


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