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Re: auid

On Saturday 11 February 2006 04:18, Steve G <linux_4ever yahoo com> wrote:
> >>>Does procmail really need this?
> >>
> >> For situations where there is no mail server installed and cron jobs
> >> need to deliver the mail. If there's a way to avoid procmail when
> >> there's no postfix installed, then we don't need it.
> >
> >How do you do this?  I guess you have some sort of -m option to crond.
> Yes, crond had a -m option added to it. We were looking at using procmail
> or a helper script.

What is the aim of this?  If the aim is to secure the system (by reducing the 
number of privileged programs) then that doesn't seem like a good way of 
doing it, the consensus of opinion seems to be that Postfix code is better 
written than Procmail code in terms of security.

If the aim is to have a simple configuration of the system then perhaps we 
should have a simple smtp client program that just makes a connection to a 
smart-host and sends the data through.

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