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On 2/13/06, Mike Chambers <mike miketc com> wrote:
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Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 3:13 PM
Subject: Re: GDM

> > It doesn't appear my problems are related to gdm. Even at runlevel 3,
> startx bombs out too. The biggest suck is that there don't seem to be
> any error messages anywhere...

I am experiencing the same problem as you are, even in run level 3.  If you
try to run gdmsetup, I get an Gtk-Warning error.  I hope that whoever fixes
one, would hopefully post a working copy of the rpm somewhere
(people.redhat.com server would work) until it hits rawhide.


Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

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This problem appears to be two fold.  I fixed /etc/gdm/custom.conf, but still could not log in to an X session.  I had to move my .fonts directory to .fonts-bak and then gnome-session stopped crashing.  I haven't had time to debug it, or file a bug yet.  Maybe later tonight.


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