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Re: Bugzilla dupes attack

On 2/15/06, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> If anyone has a list of good improvements that can be made to bugzilla
> to help is triaging let me know.

There is a link at the bottom of a bug search to 'Change several bugs
at once.' Unfortunately it doesn't seem to let you mark bugs as dupes
-- though it lets you do almost anything else. Adding a feature for
this shouldn't be too hard, in case this kind of thing happens in

I think the biggest improvement that could be made to Red Hat's
bugzilla is improving its speed. It takes so long to load every page
that you spend a good portion of any triaging time waiting for it to
load. If this is because the server isn't fast enough, I think Red Hat
needs to consider throwing some more hardware at it -- once you add up
the developer time being wasted because it's slowness, it makes sense
to spend some money and improve it. It may be slow because of the
large page sizes that bugzilla is generating. The large lists of
components and versions etc should really be put in an external
javascript file; this would allow all pages to load much faster as it
could be cached. A non-javascript version should still be available of
course. Bugzilla also doesn't seem to use gzip/deflate, it uses
chunked encoding which I'm not sure provides any compression. It's not
unsual for the pages to exceed 0.5MB in size, and on a 512k connection
that really adds up.

Other improvements that could be made is to make our bugzilla more
like Gnome's. They have their bugzilla modifications available at


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